Anti-Aging  Vitamin C Collection

Anti-Aging  Vitamin C Collection

These products balance uneven, blotchy and sun-damaged skin. Troublesome discoloration caused by photodamage, rashes, blemishes, scars, contusions, hormonal changes, medicinal reactions and medical conditions are corrected and work to brighten as well as balance skin tone for a healthier, more even-looking complexion.

Product Type: Cleanser
Product name: Vitamin C Cleanser (4 oz)
Tagline: Brightens, smoothes and rejuvenates

Product Type: Moisturizer
Product Name:  Vitamin C Moisturizer (50 ml)
Tagline: Hydrates, brightens and smoothes

Product type: Treatment
Product name: Vitamin C Treatment (30 ml)
Tagline: Brightens, nourishes and smoothes

Product type: Serum
Product name: Vitamin C Serum (30 ml airless)
Tagline: Brightens, detoxifies and nourishes

Product type: Eye Cream
Product Name: Vitamin C Eye Cream (4 oz )
Tagline: Hydrates, brightens and nourishes