Private Label 101

Without realizing it you’ve probably purchased our products. We sell worldwide in spas, destination resorts, salons, retailers and medical practices. For over 18 years we’ve helped clients of all sizes create skin and body care collections that represent their unique brand identity. Our formulations are paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, with no artificial fragrances. All products are manufactured right here in the USA.

As a business owner, manager, sole practitioner or medical professional, now is the time to increase the value of your business through branding. Your clients look to you and your staff for expert advice, respecting your knowledge and trusting your recommendations. Since your endorsement is the single most powerful influence on their skincare buying decision, why not focus on building your own valuable brand equity?


Private Labeling offers a unique opportunity to have your own business name (branding) on skincare products already well-established and proven. Under your own private label these products come pre-packaged and pre-printed with skin and body care formulations in both retail and professional sizes.

We maintain a large library of formulations in skincare products. Whether you need a small number of stock products in basic containers, or a large number of products with your customized label design we will create a private label skin care solution for you.Our low minimum order requirements and options are all designed to fit any need you may have. Let us create the perfect packaging for you!


Become the exclusive outlet and distributor for your products

Give your business more credibility and a higher profile

Create client loyalty with repeat product purchases

Obtain high profit margins with our competitive pricing